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“Leaders are made, not born.” Vince Lombardi

The quote from Vince Lombardi is quite true – leaders are always a work in progress. Steve’s leadership skills have developed over four decades as a result of hard work, trial and error, and continual development.

Today’s leaders must possess authenticity, integrity, self-awareness, and the ability to build trusting relationships.

Steve provides coaching and training specifically focused on leadership development for individuals and groups. The same 3-step coaching process, as mentioned in Individual Coaching, is used with a focus on developing each client’s leadership skills, plus training in the qualities and principles necessary for leading in today’s environment.

Leadership development and training includes:

  • Developing self-awareness
  • Assessing and developing emotional intelligence
  • Commitment to continual personal growth
  • Building trust-based relationships
  • Promoting and reinforcing a healthy organizational culture
  • Becoming a learning organization
  • Empowering and encouraging leadership at all levels

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