Individual Coaching

Steve helps people gain greater awareness about themselves, what direction they want to move in, and how to get there. His approach is strengths-based and client-centered.

The client (and sponsoring firm, if applicable) chooses the focus, goals and desired outcomes. Steve provides the coaching expertise, feedback, observations and then partners with the client to create forward movement. Your Conscious Life uses a 3-step coaching process.


Leadership Coaching + Training

Steve provides coaching and training specifically focused on leadership development for individuals and groups. The same 3-step coaching process is used with a focus on developing each client’s leadership skills, plus training in the qualities and principles necessary for leading in today’s environment.



Steve works with leadership of organizations to create a positive culture that promotes thriving individuals and a thriving organization. Steve is also available for consulting with juvenile justice agencies, in both the government and private sector.


Recovery Support

Coaching is not a substitute for substance use disorder treatment, but it can be a powerful partner in the recovery process. Steve offers individual and group coaching specific to dependency issues.