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Consulting for Organizations

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker

Steve works with the leadership of organizations to create a positive culture that promotes thriving individuals and a thriving organization.

A company may have the best business model available, but a toxic culture will wreck the best-laid plans. Headlines often report companies which look great based on outward appearances, then fell victim to internal dysfunction.

For organizations to thrive, leadership must be willing to do the following:

  • engage in honest self-assessment
  • allow open dialogue to take place
  • take responsibility for making change
  • develop an environment of trust and collaboration

Steve has hands-on experience in creating positive culture, both in government and private sector organizations. He uses a structure that facilitates safe and open communication, allows healthy conflict to emerge, and trust to be built. Relationships improve, satisfaction increases and collaboration can thrive.

He is available for consulting on a case-by-case basis.

Subject Matter Expert Consulting

Steve is also available for consulting with juvenile justice agencies, in both the government and private sector.

He has extensive experience in modern juvenile justice systems, having implemented an evidence-based reform initiative while leading the Tennessee Division of Juvenile Justice. Read more about this in Steve’s bio.

Steve is part of the Comprehensive Strategies for Juvenile Justice team, a group of national and state juvenile justice experts led by James C. Howell, former director of research for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and global expert on juvenile justice systems. For more information about their work, visit

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